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Access Control

$95 per hour

FREE Estimates

About this service
  • Professional support configuring, installing and maintaining your access control system. 

  • New installations or maintenance to your existing system. 

  • Key cards and key fob options available for purchase.

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Total Price: $149.99 per month
Total Price: $5.00 per device
Service Information

Protecting your people and property controlling who and when someone can access your premise.

  • Access control configuration for fully customizable schedules.

  • Installation for enhanced security and performance. 

  • 24/7 maintenance available for any repair needs.

  • Free Estimates available

  • $95 an hour labor charge

  • $65 trip charge

STS technicians are available 24/7 to meet your access control needs.


Let STS protect your people and property with full customizable schedules, events and levels of access control.

Buy Now:
$95 per hour
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