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About Us

Delivering cutting edge solutions with the highest level of customer support.

STS was founded on the realization that existing telecom providers were failing to respect the most important factor governing the long-term success of any business - quality service. Fast forward 30 years and you'll find the same level of quality service delivering voice, internet, fire life and safety solutions across the South East.

Our Story

Todd Faw founded STS over 30 years ago when asked by a potential payphone customer while on a sales call what it would take to purchase his own payphone at his business. Their discussion quickly led to the gentleman asking what it would take for them to start their own payphone company together. The next day, Todd turned in his two week notice and founded a company with someone he'd known for less than a day!


Fast-forward 30 years from then and you will find that same fearlessness, drive and determination fueling the STS team. Todd's commitment to customer service and innovation can be seen across the company and it's this attitude that has enabled STS to evolve in the highly competitive field of communication services. STS may no longer offer pay phone service but we'll continue to deliver cutting edge solutions for your voice, internet and fire life safety solutions backed by our unmatched customer care. 

Meet The Team

Todd Faw


Josh Warda

Fire Safety Supervisor

Sherry Faw

Owner & Billing

Dylan Hornaday

Accounts Specialist

Josh Faw


Zach Bedell

Voice & Internet Repair

Bo Bodur


Sam Warda

Voice & Internet Repair

Daniel Montoya de Leon

Fire Safety

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